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For the moments when life has you feeling down, or you are trying to power charge through a transition or difficult situation.  Learn about various ways that natural stones and crystals can lift your vibration to help achieve your intentions.



Discover how natural stones and crystals can attract the joys of love, inner confidence, and alluring appeal.


The influence of stones and crystals and their power in helping you find focus, direction, and build abundance.


Learn about the birthstones of your loved ones, and  ways of bringing harmony to your home.


Find support and community during the roadblocks of life. Because we shouldn’t travel these winding roads alone.




Because we know that fashion should make you feel good, we provide beautiful, exquisite, and most importantly, positive-vibe fashion pieces.  We care deeply about the energy and origin of each piece, and obsessively curate our selection so that you wear a story as special as you.


We plan to make it super simple and easy for you to upgrade your look.  You pick three of your favorite items from our list.  We will mail them to your address and you are welcome to swap the 3 jewelry items with 3 new collections once per month.


We provide you with feel-good fashion accoutrements that you’ll love and wear every day; objects that are environmentally friendly and fair-trade sustainable.  Our statement jewelry promotes well-being, success, and brings balance for busy women on the go.


Step 1 -- Pick 3 starter items from our catalog.

We proudly offer only genuine stone and crystal jewelry. No Costume Jewelry. Thank you!

Step 2 -- Subscribe to our Monthly Membership

The freedom to try fresh feel-good fashion items, every month. Our $69 monthly membership lets you pick and choose new items to be delivered to you, every month.

Step 3 -- Swap these pieces once a month

You can swap these pieces once a month. Exchange deadline is the 15th of each month when all items to be exchanged need to have arrived back at our HQ.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Items Can I Pick?
You would select 3 items initially. You may exchange any or all items once per month.
Is the subscription service recurring?
This is a monthly recurring service. Cancellation may occur within first 15 days with full refund, and after a minimum of 3 months subscription.
What is the maximum number of items I am allowed to have at one time?
At all times, you may have up to 3 items within your possession.
Will I get a full refund if I cancel after first 15 days?
No.  You will be charged a minimum 3 months membership fee of $209.97 as you will get to own the last 3 pieces of the jewelry within your possession.
Can I change my items every month?
You could swap your 3 items once a month with exchange deadline on the 15th.  All items need to be received by at our 849 N. Rengstorff Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, by the 15th in the same condition as you received them.   You then will receive your new selections within 3 or 4 days via ground postage, depending on where you live.
What if I forgot to exchange?
We will send you an email reminder every 2 weeks, so that you won’t miss out on our newest items.
Will there be shipping charge to exchange items?
There is no shipping charge. Standard shipping is included with our subscription fee. It includes standard ground USPS shipping to your address.
Can I expedite shipping?
Yes, you can. Contact us at indah@marcellygems.com , provide us with your PayPal info and we will send you an updated e-invoice to cover expedited shipping charge.
How do I exchange the items?
You would log into to your account, select the items within your belonging as shown in the dashboard that you would like to return, then select the items you wish to exchange with.
Can I buy individual products?
Yes. There is an option within the website/app that allows you to select items for purchase.
Can I buy individual products from the selections I already have within my possession through the subscription service?
Yes. More than likely, you would fall in love with one of the items you have in your possession through our subscription service, you may choose to keep them. Call us or write us a note in your online dashboard and we will send you an e-invoice. You will then get to select one extra item from our subscription list to replace the individual item you have purchased.
Do you offer refund?
Yes, we wish that you are always satisfied with our service. Therefore, we would like to provide you with the best refund policy. We would refund your money fully within 15 days, and after the receipt of the return of all items at our office.
Can I cancel at anytime?
We will cancel cancel your subscription with full refund within first 15 days, as long as all of the items have been returned to us in the same condition as you first received them.
Can I cancel after 3 months?
Yes. We hope you continue to enjoy our service, however after 3 months, you may choose to opt out of our monthly recurring subscription.
Where should I return the jewelry pieces?
What is the subscription pricing?
First six months monthly fee is $69.99
Six months to one year, monthly fee is $59.99
Over one year subscription receives loyalty monthly fee of $49.99 and loyalty rewards points to receive bonus jewelry pieces.
What Does RENT-TO-OWN Mean?
Rent to own means that if you ever have to cancel our service, the last three items within your possession will belong to you.

Pick Three of Your Favorite Jewelry Items From Our List and We Will Send them To You At a Promotional Price of $69.99


Choose jewelry with your birthstone, or a piece that reflects your vibrational goals for this month. Receive 3 pieces, keep the ones you’re in love with, and exchange the ones you can live without.

Get 3 New Items each month!


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