Day 21

Day 21 meditation and my breathing is much better now.

In my head, I still count each breath and did 15 breaths on each chakra.  At one point when I was focusing on my third eye chakra, my breathing became more natural and flowed in and out in a more refined way.

The flow of the breaths was still coming from belly then chest then back down to the belly area, but during that third eye chakra breathing, the flow just felt intensely more natural.  I didn’t have to think about it too much, and I even lost count.  Along with this wave of heightened relaxation comes slight tingly feelings in my toes and tip of my fingers.

Meditating towards the end of the end has its own benefits.  In the morning I sometimes, subconsciously, feel rushed since I have to start my day soon,  (I know I should not feel rushed at all if I were more organized).

I am loving where I am in my meditation exercise. I am aware I am progressing with my patience and the quality of my breathing.  Those are what I am grateful for tonight.  How about you?